The pests are coming: As temperatures fall, insects and rodents will try to find warmth inside your home

Posted: November 4, 2017 at 4:30 a.m.

Duane Gantz, 64, heads back to his truck to get more supplies for pest prevention at a west Little Rock pizza restaurant. Gantz works for Legacy Termite & Pest Control.

Duane Gantz steps over the stuffed animals and toy baby stroller that were abandoned on the floor of a child's room, approaches the window and crouches to spray a white powder in the crease between the window and the sill.

Gantz leans over to check the plumbing in a west Little Rock pizza restaurant for any insects that may have crawled up the pipes.

Duane Gantz sits on the back of his truck between jobs. Gantz generally does between eight and 10 jobs per day.

Duane Gantz, a technician with Legacy Termite & Pest Control, replaces the rodent trap at a west Little Rock pizza restaurant.

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