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Posted: June 5, 2017 at 2:01 a.m.

The Trail of Lights in Sherwood makes a short hiking area during the off season.


Map showing the location of The Trail of Lights

Location: The Enchanted Forest Trail of Lights is this Sherwood trail's Christmas name. Otherwise, it's a wide, paved road running from the Sherwood Sports Complex at the end of Bear Paw Road (just west of Sylvan Hills High School) to Sherwood Forest on West Maryland Avenue.

GPS: 34.851152, -92.240839

Length: Park at the Trail of Lights northern gate in the baseball complex parking lot and head south. Turn right on Dee Jay Hudson Drive, then take the first left for the road to Sherwood Forest. Round trip is about 1.66 miles.

Main attractions: Although open and not very woodsy, the trail is a good spot for a quick walk for those in the neighborhood. Walk in the grassy berm on the east side.

Hazards: None.

Dog, bike, tyke friendly? Yes for all three.

Rating (out of five): ..

-- Michael Storey

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