RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE: Fate put couple together after 2 missed chances

Posted: December 31, 2017 at 4:28 a.m.

Faye and Lon Pennington met in grade school, but did not go on a date until after they graduated from high school. “You couldn’t forget that pretty black hair he had,” she says. “Anybody could remember that black curly hair of his.”

Faye Johnston went to Lake Hamilton schools in eighth and ninth grade before she moved to Hot Springs for high school.

Faye and Lon Pennington celebrated their 50th anniversary on Aug. 25. He says the secret to a long, successful marriage is letting “the Lord be the he...

The first time I saw my future spouse

He says: “I thought she was something else.”

She says: “I was just in eighth grade at the time.”

On our wedding day:

He says: “After we were married we went to tell my mother. Everyone was happy.”

She says: “I wore a two-piece suit. And after we got married we went out to his mother’s house and told her we had gotten married and she was wishing us luck that everything would work out for us.”

My advice for a long happy marriage is

He says: “Serve the Lord and remember there’s not a head in the family. The man is the head according to the Bible but that means he’s supposed to take all responsibility. But when it comes to being a boss in the house, he’s not. Inside the house belongs to her and the outside belongs to me and we help each other. But the main thing is to let the Lord be the head.”

She says: “Be as one, not as two. And love one another because that’s what it’s all about.”

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