NWA editorial: A misguided argument

Bringing up race in legal dispute ill-conceived

Posted: December 2, 2017 at 1 a.m.

When Joseph Wood was elected the first black county judge for Washington County last year, news coverage naturally made note of the fact. It's not that race is in any way an indication that he would run the county office one way or another -- his Republican credentials probably said more about that -- but election of a "first" is usually an achievement in our culture worth recognizing. As a people, we Americans still have a lot to learn about how we deal with each other, but whether it's Barack Obama, Wood, Hillary Clinton or any other example of a person breaking through a barrier, people should take note and celebrate.

What’s the point?

An allusion to possible racist motivations for a lawsuit against Washington County and its county judge were poorly conceived and indefensible.

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