Northwest Arkansas becomes more urbanized as towns grow

NWA’s urbanized area grows and towns expand

Posted: March 27, 2016 at 1:10 a.m.

Construction has begun on the Scissortail gated community on Haxton Road in Rogers.

People are packing into Northwest Arkansas, leaving few undeveloped places in its core and pressuring even the outlying towns.

Pedestrians cross the road Friday in front of the recently constructed Midtown Center in downtown Bentonville. Recent development of Bentonville’s cit...

Urbanized area

The U.S. Census Bureau measures urbanized areas every 10 years and Northwest Arkansas’ area continues to grow. Jurisdictions in bold were added to the urbanized area in that year.

1990 urbanized area (80 square miles)

Jurisdiction; Population in urbanized area;Percent of urbanized area population

Washington County;162;0.2 percent

Johnson;599;0.8 percent

Greenland;757;1 percent

Farmington;1,322;1.8 percent

Springdale;29,941;40 percent

Fayetteville;42,099;56.2 percent

TOTAL;74,880;100 percent

2000 urbanized area (109 square miles)

Jurisdiction;Population in urbanized area;Percent of urbanized area population

Elm Springs;34;0 percent

Greenland;552;0.3 percent

Bethel Heights;650;0.4 percent

Elkins;722;0.4 percent

Little Flock;1,743;1 percent

Benton County;1,889;1.1 percent

Johnson;1,908;1.1 percent

Washington County;2,145;1.3 percent

Farmington;3,271;1.9 percent

Lowell;4,631;2.7 percent

Bentonville;18,597;10.8 percent

Rogers;35,913;20.8 percent

Springdale;44,397;25.7 percent

Fayetteville;56,133;32.5 percent

TOTAL;172,585;100 percent

2010 urbanized area (188 square miles)

Jurisdiction;Population in urbanized area;Percent of urbanized area population

McDonald County, Mo.;2;0 percent

Prairie Grove;69;0 percent

Tontitown;71;0 percent

Greenland;721;0.2 percent

Cave Springs;969;0.3 percent

Elm Springs;973;0.3 percent

Little Flock;1,742;0.6 percent

Washington County;1,868;0.6 percent

Elkins;1,991;0.7 percent

Bethel Heights;2,359;0.8 percent

Johnson;3,123;1.1 percent

Pea Ridge;4,298;1.5 percent

Farmington;4,964;1.7 percent

Benton County;5,339;1.8 percent

Lowell;6,574;2.2 percent

Centerton;9,135;3.1 percent

Bella Vista;22,841;7.7 percent

Bentonville;33,801;11.5 percent

Rogers;54,897;18.6 percent

Springdale;68,088;23.1 percent

Fayetteville;71,258; 24.2 percent

TOTAL;295,083;100 percent

Source: Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission

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