Houseboat of light

Exhibit of couple’s photos portrays 1895-1950 river life

Posted: February 1, 2015 at 2:07 a.m.

Hugo and Gayne Preller sailed the Mississippi and White Rivers in this combination home and floating photo studio, docking at river towns to offer services that included gun repair.

Hugo Preller courted his wife, Gayne, with a romantic promise of wonders in the wilds and port towns of early-day Arkansas.

Hugo Preller provided for his wife and family by hunting and fishing along the rivers they traveled.

This unidentified couple probably snuggled for Gayne Preller’s camera around 1940.

Time obscures the circumstances of this scene as captured by photographers Hugo and Gayne Preller, who started taking photos of river life in 1895.

Who? Why? This photo lacks a definitive caption, but “House of Light” curator Chris Engholm likes that it makes people stop and wonder.

Rivergoing photographers Hugo and Gayne Preller.

Chris Engholm, organizer of the Preller photographs

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