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Posted: May 19, 2014 at 4:46 a.m.

100 years ago May 19, 1914

ST. LOUIS -- The Federal Reserve bank of St. Louis was organized today by a committee representing five banks, selected by the Organization Committee of the Federal Reserve Board to sign the organization certificate. The members of the committee met in the rooms of the clearing house association in the Third National Bank building and executed the organization certificate. The committee signed as the representatives of all the member banks in the St. Louis Federal reserve district. The bankers who signed the certificate of organization include: J. D. Goldman, president, and W. A. Hicks, cashier, of the German National Bank in Little Rock.

50 years ago

May 19, 1964

HOT SPRINGS -- Chief of Police John Ermey announced Monday that the new radar unit is now in operation and will be used on a 24-hour basis in an effort to reduce the large number of traffic accidents in Hot Springs. "We are urging drivers to obey the speed zones and stop signs," Ermey said. "It is not our desire simply to arrest people, but to get them to comply with the law." Ermey pointed out that, if officers desired, they "could arrest 200 traffic violators every day of the year in Hot Springs." Municipal Judge Robert Ridgeway, who hears all traffic violation cases, said the law will be rigidly enforced.

25 years ago

May 19, 1989

• Those charged with driving while intoxicated should lose their driver's licenses before their cases go to trial, legislators were told Thursday. Taking such a step is known as "administrative revocation" and representatives of the Governor's Advisory Council on Highway Safety made the recommendation to the Joint Interim Committee on Public Transportation. They also said they wanted to see a major revision of DWI laws considered in a special session, if one is held this year.

10 years ago

May 19, 2004

• The tons of chemical weapons stored at the Pine Bluff Arsenal won't be destroyed until February -- almost a year later than previously planned. U.S. Army officials announced Tuesday that they needed more time to hire and train workers and put the incineration plant through more rigorous rounds of testing. No major technological problems were cited. In March the Army indicated it would not begin burning the 3,850 tons of weapons at the arsenal in April as planned and pointed to a possible late summer start-up.

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