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Of course the kids should go to school

Posted: May 12, 2014 at 4:51 a.m.

For some of us of a certain age, going to any elementary school for any reason is a holiday. One of the things an American parent really shouldn't miss is at least one Thanksgiving lunch with the kids when they're in the early grades. This isn't your father's, or even your, school cafeteria. Nowadays the meals served at public schools are actually inviting, hard as that may be to believe for a generation used to school lunches featuring greens with the taste boiled out of them and a generic slice of ground meat of no clear origin. So much for the good old days.

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Amen!!! And, thank you for your intelligent, sympathetic, logical, and morally correct comments about this issue As a K-4 teacher of English to children whose first language was not Emglish in Bentonville, I have worked with so many bright, motivated students who excelled academically and have the potential to be leaders in our community. But we must continue to provide them with a high-quality education and mentoring to help them be
successful in public schools and college. They are a large part of our future and we must help prepare them for their roles in our community.

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