Crossroads Liquor & Wine

Locally owned Bentonville store delivers with large selection, convenient parking

Posted: May 2, 2014 at 6 a.m.

Crossroads Liquor & Wine may be a small store, but they are stocked to compete with the super-sized retailers.

"We carry a little of everything -- as much as possible and of the best selection. We are always getting new products and expanding our selection," owner Jeremy Avance said.

Crossroads Liquor and Wine

1401 S. Walton Blvd.


(479) 268-5363

10 a.m.-10 p.m. Mon-Sat. A locally owned neighborhood liquor store with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. “If it isn’t on the shelf, we will get it in stock.” Daily wine tastings. Large selection of wine and spirits. 10% off all wines on Tuesdays.

A small bar next to the checkout counter offers a selection of spirits, beer or wine for tasting. Every few days new selections are sampled. Customers get to sample new drinks on the market, top-selling products and customer recommended recipes.

Recently, a mixed drink that combined Barefoot Sweet Red wine and Coca-Cola was offered. Customers are encouraged to bring in their favorite recipe to share for an upcoming tasting.

The store provides a wide variety of wine, priced from $4.99 to $160, and also has a cooler of chilled wine available. The selection is very diverse and includes small vineyards and rare vintages.

All wine is 10 percent off on Tuesdays, and there is a discount on cases of wine, including mixed cases, every day.

There is also a variety of popular spirits and beer. The store carries craft beers, mixers, moonshine, cigars, cigarettes, lottery tickets, ice and drink accessories such as flasks and shakers.

"We have a great selection for the size store we have. If we don't have it and it's something that you want, then we'll stock it for you," Avance said.

Crossroads Liquor & Wine is locally owned and operated by Avance, who can often be found in the store, greeting customers as they enter.

Customer service is a top priority at the neighborhood liquor store. The convenient location and close parking are additional luxuries of a smaller storefront.

"We are one of the only stores [in this area] that you can get in and out of the parking lot easily," Avance said.

The busy intersection of Walton Boulevard and 14th Street generates a lot of traffic, and the location within Crossroads Plaza allows customers to exit in any direction. Additionally, the east side of the parking lot has access to the A Street traffic light.

The ease of close parking and quick service are two benefits the customers appreciate, Avance said.

Customers can get the comfort of a small store and support a local business while still getting the selection they desire at great prices, he said.

"We do the same thing that the big stores do, just on a smaller scale."

That includes carrying products with limited availability, hosting distributor presentations and having daily tastings.

There are normally 2-3 options for the daily tastings including spirits, wine, beer, mixers and mixed drinks. If a mixed drink is served, the recipe is offered to have the customers recreate the concoction at home.

New products, including Bear Hug Infusions and Skinnygirl Sparkling Margarita, were recently sampled.

As a community-focused entrepreneur, Avance saw the opportunity to open Crossroads Liquor & Wine when Benton County went wet at the end of last year. He was working in an office across the parking lot from where the store is currently located and decided to rekindle his experience of previously owning a liquor store in Oklahoma City.

"Selling alcohol in Benton County is a relatively new experience. It's something new to the whole area. You used to have to go to Missouri or you would have to go to the next county down to buy alcohol for the last 100 years -- so it's something kind of new to a lot of people," he said.

He remarks that his success is rooted in the support of local businesses within the Bentonville community.

"It's the way Walmart started. [Sam Walton's] first store opened out just down the street and it was no bigger a shop than this," he said.

The shop has high-ceilings and is well-organized, which allows Avance to make the most of the space.

The shop displays Razorback colors on the floor with large red and black tiles. If there is a televised game, it will be on.

Crossroads Liquor & Wine is located at 1401 S. Walton Avenue in Bentonville. Hours of operation are 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

More information is available by calling (479) 268-5363 or online at

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