Bentonville police seek officer impersonator

Posted: March 21, 2014 at 3:54 p.m.

The Bentonville Police Department is looking for a man impersonating a police officer after a woman was pulled over at 2 a.m. Tuesday while driving home from work, according to a news release.

The woman became suspicious when the man tried to open her door, and he drove away when she said she was calling police.

The man was driving a dark car resembling a Ford Crown Victoria, with a spotlight and red and blue lights mounted on the dashboard, according to the news release. The man was described as about 6 feet tall, well groomed with a goatee, and wearing black pants and a black shirt.

According to the news release, most traffic stops will be made by fully marked police vehicle with full-sized light bars. If you are suspicious of a stop, turn on your emergency flashers and drive to a well-lit area, the news release says, or call 911 to confirm the validity of the stop.

Anyone with information on the vehicle is asked to call police at 479-271-3170.