Rogers Traffic Volume Nears Street Capacity

Posted: March 10, 2014 at 6 a.m.

Traffic congestion has worsened over the past few years, city officials acknowledge, although millions of dollars have been spent building and improving streets.

By The Numbers


Traffic volume is increasing as the city continues to grow.

Based on numbers complied in the American Community Survey, which contains data from 2008 to 2012, the population of Rogers was 56,208 in 2012. There were 19,879 housing units in Rogers, and each household had an average of 1.74 vehicles. According to the survey:

• 5.4 percent of households, or 1,077 housing units, had no vehicles.

• 34.1 percent of households, or 6,786 housing units, had one vehicle.

• 41.7 percent of households, or 8,298 housing units, had two vehicles.

• 18.7 percent of households, or 3,718 housing units, had three or more vehicles.

Source: Staff Report


Traffic Counts

• The busiest intersection in Rogers is Walnut Street at the intersection with Interstate 540 with an average of 30,000 vehicles per day. That count was taken in 2012* by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

• The average daily vehicle count on New Hope Road near Interstate 540 in 2008 was 24,000 vehicles. The average increased in 2012 to 26,000 vehicles.

• Hudson Road had an average daily count of 2,400 vehicles per day in 2000, according to Google Earth. The average daily count in 2012 on Hudson Road, near the intersection with Dixieland Road, was 4,500 vehicles.

*2012 traffic counts are the most recent numbers available

Source: Staff Report

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