Springdale Elementary Students Experience Opera

Posted: March 7, 2014 at 5 a.m.

STAFF PHOTO SAMANTHA BAKER • @NWASAMANTHA Tim Petty, from left, Stefan Barner, Ashley Cutright and Betsy Fischborn, all from the Tulsa, Okla., Opera, wait “backstage” to perform a bilingual opera Thursday for students at Westwood Elementary School in Springdale. Kids were able to ask questions about the story, “The Coyotes and the Rabbits,” and about opera technique after the performance.

SPRINGDALE -- Zion May said he wants to perform in school musicals because he was inspired by an opera performance at Westwood Elementary School.

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Music Benefits

• Children have better concentration skills.

• Children have better math skills.

• Children have better spelling skills.

• Children are better at remembering a sequence of events.

• Music helps increase a child’s cognitive development.

• Children might express interest in playing an instrument.

• Children will have a greater appreciation for the arts.

Source: Staff Report

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