Sheriff's Detective Involved In Accident In County Vehicle

Posted: June 21, 2014 at 1:30 a.m.

BENTONVILLE -- A Benton County Sheriff's Office detective recently was in an accident in a county vehicle while coming from a private job in another county.

At A Glance

Holly’s Memo

Rob Holly, chief deputy of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, sent out a memo to Sheriff’s Office employees after learning a detective was in an accident in a county vehicle while coming from a private job in another county earlier this month.

The memo reads:

We will have a revised policy out very soon. But, in the meantime all staff issued a county vehicle will adhere to the following in regards to the use of county vehicle to working part time jobs, security work, etc.

If you are working inside the county, you may drive your vehicle.

You may drive your county vehicle outside the county for a specific approved law enforcement function (for example: Razorback football game security, training, meetings)

Any other travel with your county vehicle outside the county will require the express written consent from the Divisional Majors or Chief Deputy.

If you are currently out of the county now or travelling out of the county in your issued vehicle and you are in violation of the above directive, the vehicle will need to be back in the county immediately.

Source: Benton County Sheriff’s Office

At A Glance

Benton County Vehicle Policy

No county official or employee may use the county vehicle for his or her own personal use. This excludes vehicles assigned to elected officials as a benefit of their office. The use of a county vehicle by county employees to be driven to their home at the end of their work shift will be allowed by the elected official only. The use of this vehicle after hours will be if an employee could be called out for an emergency or county business. The use of vehicle after hours must log time used and nature of call out or business trip. County vehicles are for county business use only; no non-county employee may use or be a passenger in vehicle without permission from elected official.

Source: Benton County Human Resources Department

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