Running As Anti-Obama A Weak Platform

Posted: June 13, 2014 at 10:04 p.m.

What President Johnson predicted would happen after all that 1960's civil rights legislation was passed on his watch has occurred -- the Yellow-Dog Democrat "solid South" has switched to GOP. It just took longer than he thought (traditions die slowly in Dixie)! Subsequently, in Arkansas for about six years now, the way to any elected office has been to rail against Democrats and President Obama, and all associated in any way with our president. It's been a great party with the demagogy feast and the heady wines of states' rights, defiance of federal laws, rants against federal overreach, talk of plots against God and nature,and some darker brews have flowed and been consumed freely! Now, we have to get back to business in this state (and country), sober up, and look at the results of the anti-Obama Party. Yes, it's the tough job of cleaning up after the Grand Wake we've thrown!

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