Courts Scrutinize Search Warrants For Blood

Posted: June 8, 2014 at 1:30 a.m.


ROGERS -- Thomas Brick Bradford refused to take a sobriety or chemical test to prove he wasn't drinking and driving March 15, so Centerton police asked a judge for a search warrant and took Bradford's blood anyway.

By the Numbers (w/logo)

Benton County Sheriff’s Office arrests**


Driving While Intoxicated: 208

Violation of Implied Consent: 22


DWI: 349

Violation of Implied Consent: 39

2014 to date:

DWI: 97

Violation of Implied Consent: 11

** Includes only arrests by Sheriff’s Office personnel.

Source: Staff Report

By the Numbers (w/logo)

Washington County arrests*


Driving While Intoxicated: 1,725

Violation Implied Consent law: 547


Driving While Intoxicated: 1,539

Violation Implied Consent law: 484

2014 to date:

Driving While Intoxicated: 527

Violation Implied Consent law: 168

  • Does not include some Springdale misdemeanor arrests.

Source: Staff Report

Fast Fact (w/logo)

Crash Cost

Alcohol-impaired motor vehicle crashes cost the U.S. more than $37 billion annually.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Legal Lingo

Refusal To Submit

“If a person under arrest refuses upon the request of a law enforcement officer to submit to a chemical test designated by the law enforcement agency … no chemical test shall be given … ”

Source: Arkansas Code 5-65-205

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