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Posted: July 31, 2014 at 4:02 a.m.

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Marriage Licenses

John Belew, 26, and Kristen Glover, 24, both of Benton.

John Cowen, 24, and Jasmin Hoetzl, 23, both of Sherwood.

Lucius Dickerson, 38, and Tiffany Robertson, 33, both of Little Rock.

William Giblet, 30, and Kristen Goggans, 29, both of Greenbrier.

Eduardo Martinez, 22, and Pamela Flores, 26, both of Little Rock.

Kelvin Medlock, 60, and Shirley McCullough, 52, both of North Little Rock.

Mark Pippenger, 53, and Elizabeth Allen, 58, both of Little Rock.

Johnny Richardson II, 43, and Carey Matthews, 42, both of Little Rock.

Broc Taylor, 27, of Hensley and Elizabeth DeMaine, 29, of Sheridan.

James Troy, 27, and Lindsay Hester, 26, both of Sherwood.



14-3293. Karen Piechocki v. Randal Piechocki.

14-3294. Kimberly Brown v. Mark Brown.

14-3296. Rachel Hunt v. Daniel Hunt.

14-3300. Juventino Hernandez v. Alice Hernandez.

14-3301. Josh Ferricher v. Georgina Ferricher.

14-3309. Kathryn Stewart v. Daniel Dunn.

14-3311. Bruce Monroe v. Heather Monroe.

14-3314. Matthew Donaghy v. Misty Donaghy.

14-3319. Alexandra Cox v. Daniel Cox.

14-3321. Beverly Waters v. Larry Waters.


13-2543. Shane Pipkin v. Courtney Pipkin.

13-2544. Brandolynne Hillman v. Danny Hillman.

13-3743. Alexis Raymond v. Daniel Raymond.

14-2141. Latonya Bonds v. Roy Bradley Jr.

14-2705. Leslie King v. Roy King.

14-2746. Kathryn Wilson v. William Wilson Jr.

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