Posted: July 25, 2014 at 2:14 a.m.

And So It Goes

72 PG-13 Michael Douglas plays a willfully obnoxious real estate agent whose dreams of selling one last house and retiring in peace and quiet end when his estranged son suddenly drops off a 9-year-old granddaughter (Sterling Jerins) he never knew existed. Will pawning her off on on his determined and lovable neighbor (Diane Keaton) be sufficient or will he have to eventually open his heart? With Frankie Valli, Scott Shepherd, Frances Sternhagen; directed by Rob Reiner. (94 minutes)

The Fluffy Movie

PG-13 Comedian Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias' concert film, consisting of footage, some never before seen, from his "Unity Through Laughter" tour. Directed by Manny Rodriguez and Jay Lavender. (101 minutes)


PG-13 In this revisionist take on the classic Greek myth, from the graphic novel Hercules: The Thracian Wars, Hercules (Dwayne Johnson), having completed his 12 labors and haunted by a sin from his past, has become the leader of a band of mercenaries. But when the benevolent ruler of Thrace and his daughter seek his help to defeat a savage and terrifying warlord, he must once again become the hero he once was and embrace his own myth. With Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell, Joseph Fiennes, John Hurt, Rebecca Ferguson; directed by Brett Ratner. (98 minutes)


Not rated A psychiatrist and an Indian police officer about to enter an arranged marriage become friends and discover they have one thing in common: her ex, who has lived only for his "kick" (adrenaline rush) and is the intelligent thief who has been the officer's bete noire. With Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Randeep Hooda, Mithun Chakraborty; directed by Sajid Nadiadwala. In Hindi with English subtitles. No review available. (146 minutes)


75 R Scarlett Johansson plays a woman who, when an experiment turns her into a merciless warrior beyond human logic, turns the tables on her captors. With Morgan Freeman; directed by Luc Besson. (90 minutes)

A Most Wanted Man

88 R A British banker and a young lawyer are drawn into the intrigue involving a tortured and near-dead half-Chechen, half-Russian man who arrives in Hamburg's Islamic community looking to recover his late Russian father's ill-gotten fortune and the brilliant, roguish chief of a covert German spy unit. With Rachel McAdams, Robin Wright, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Willem Dafoe, Daniel Bruhl; directed by Anton Corbijn. (121 minutes)

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