Cold Causes Cardiovascular Stress

Sudden Exertion In Cold Temperatures Can Lead To Heart Failure

Posted: February 5, 2014 at 5 a.m.

Jim Reed had open heart surgery five years ago last month. A week later, an ice storm hit the region. Reed, an alderman on the Springdale City Council, said the ice storm didn’t affect his condition or recovery, because he stayed inside, but he does have trouble taking deep breaths in extremely cold temperatures.

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Tips For Those with Heart Conditions

Take breaks often when working in the snow.

Don’t eat a heavy meal before working in the snow.

Learn about the heart attack warning signs and pay attention to your body.

Don’t drink alcohol before, or just after, working in the snow.

Learn about the dangers of hypothermia and its relation to heart problems.


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Signs Of A Heart Attack

Chest discomfort

Discomfort in the arms, shoulders, back, neck, jaw or stomach

Shortness of breath

Breaking out in a cold sweat


Feeling weak

Feeling faint

Feeling lightheaded

Source: Staff Report

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