Drainage Causes Concern In Fayetteville

Posted: February 1, 2014 at 5 a.m.

A 60 foot section of Scull Creek crosses the front of the vacant lot at 517 N Walnut St in Fayetteville. Because the section of creek is on the cites protected streams map it is preventing construction activities within 50 feet of the stream bank.

City officials plan to start a million-dollar drainage project this year that’s been on the to-do list for at least a decade.

At A Glance

Streamside Protection

Fayetteville’s streamside protection ordinance, enacted in March 2011, prohibits a range of activities within 50 feet of waterways listed on the city’s protected streams map. Restricted activities include:

• Grading, dredging, dumping, filling or similar construction activities

• Landfills, junkyards, salvage yards

• Clearing of non-invasive woody vegetation

• Storage of hazardous material or chemicals unless in waterproof containers and in a structure

• Parking lots

• Buildings and accessory structures with a building footprint larger than 150 square feet

• Parking or storage of motor vehicles

• Septic systems and/or lateral lines

• In-ground pools

• Animal feedlots or kennels

• Housing, grazing or other maintenance of livestock

• Cultivation

• Land application of biosolids

The following activities are allowed in the streamside zone:

• Stream bank restoration or stabilization

• Water quality monitoring, education and scientific studies

• Revegetation and reforestation

• Dam maintenance

• Stream crossings, including driveways, roadways, trails or railroads

• Maintenance and upgrades of utility facilities

• Maintenance of drainage capacity in the channel, including tree and sediment removal

• New stormwater conveyances when the city engineer determines there's no practical and feasible alternative.

Source: City of Fayetteville

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