Clinard Arrested on Public Intoxication Charge

Posted: August 23, 2014 at 4:01 p.m.
Updated: August 23, 2014 at 4:16 p.m.

— Rob Holly, chief deputy, confirmed Clinard’s arrest Saturday and said Sheriff Kelley Cradduck was working on a news release regarding the incident.

“We will be putting out a press release,” Holly said, adding that Cradduck will be the spokesman for the office on this incident.

About 7:30 p.m., two deputies at the Frisco Festival on First street near Poplar were told by two people of a man walking on Cherry Street who was ‘very drunk, and falling down,’ according to the release.

As the deputies were walking toward Cherry a couple said to one the deputies, ‘Sir, if you are looking for the drunk man, he’s over there (pointing west on Cherry) and he has his keys out.’

The deputies saw Clinard leaning against a car trying to use a cell phone. The deputies said Clinard was pressing numbers on the phone and saying the numbers out loud. He told them he was trying to call his wife to give him a ride but couldn’t get in touch with her. Both deputies said Clinard had a very strong odor of intoxicants, according to the release.

The deputies and a Rogers police officer escorted the judge to their vehicles a few blocks away. On the way, one deputy started video recording the incident. During the walk, deputies said Clinard was unsteady and nearly lost his balance several times. One of the deputies asked if he was taking medication, Clinard said he hadn’t, according to the release.

Clinard told the deputies he may need medical attention and deputies an ambulance. While waiting for the ambulance, Clinard sat on a curb. One of the deputies braced his knee on Clinard’s back to prevent him from falling over, according to the release.

Clinard told one deputy “My wife is going to kill me.”

Once paramedics arrived, they told deputies Clinard’s heart rate was extremely elevated and he needed to be taken to the hospital. He was by ambulance to the hospital.

Clinard said Saturday afternoon he was experiencing heart problems at the time of the incident Friday night. He was in Northwest Medical Center-Bentonville undergoing tests Saturday and being treated for a rapid heartbeat.

“They’re running tests on my heart. I had about double heart rate when I was at Frisco Festival,” Clinard said. “I know people are going to sensationalize the public intox aspect of it. The same symptoms will apply. I think the real story will come out. We don’t have the results yet from any of the tests.”

Deputies found his county vehicle near the intersection of First and Cherry Streets. The deputies were instructed to secure the vehicle and have it taken to the Sheriff’s Office for safekeeping. Deputies later went to the hospital and issued Clinard a citation for public intoxication.”

Clinard said it appeared he will remain in the hospital at least until Sunday and possibly into Monday.