Rogers Hispanic Population Growing, But Remains Separate

Posted: April 14, 2014 at 5 a.m.

The ethnic population of the city has nearly doubled in the past decade, rising from 19.3 percent Hispanic in 2000 to 31.4 percent Hispanic in the 2010 census, but little has changed as to their place in the community, according to a recently released report.

At A Glance

The community assessment report issued last month, part of the Rogers-Lowell study conducted by Market Street, drew several conclusions about the Hispanic community in Rogers.

• As Rogers continues to grow, it is critical to remain focused on the needs of a rapidly expanding Hispanic community.

• The American Community Survey, conducted in 2012, states Hispanics who primarily speak English at home are nearly four times as likely as Spanish speakers to have a bachelor’s degree.

• 63.1 percent of Spanish speakers in Rogers have no high school diploma compared to 39.6 percent of Spanish speakers nationwide.

• There is a socioeconomic disparity within Rogers which mirrors cultural lines.

• Residents of all races and ethnicities are aware of the growth of the Hispanic population growth in Rogers.

• Hispanic focus groups said they would like to see more “intentional” effort from community institutions to promote leadership opportunities and develop new leaders within the community.

Source: Staff Report

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