Sonora Elementary School Project Flies From Northwest Arkansas To Kentucky

Posted: April 9, 2014 at 5 a.m.

Josh Worthy and his students expected the weather balloon they launched Saturday to land near Mountain Home in north-central Arkansas.

Fast Facts

Weather Balloons

• The National Weather Service launches about 75,000 weather balloons each year.

• The National Weather Service launched weather balloons from 102 sites throughout the U.S., Caribbean and Pacific.

• The white boxes the National Weather Service attaches to their balloons are called radiosondes, which are battery-powered instruments.

• The National Weather Service recovers less than 20 percent of the radiosondes they launch with their balloons each year.

• The National Weather Service started using radiosondes in the late 1930s.

• Data from the radiosondes is used for weather predication models, local severe storm forecasts, climate change research and air pollution models.

Source: National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration

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