Posted: April 8, 2014 at 3:30 a.m.

DEAR READER: Many of you wrote in about the column regarding whether you should sign the back of your credit card. Most of you do not sign the back, and instead write “Check ID” on it. However, the credit-card companies state that you should sign. Here are some of your comments:

“I worked in a bank for 12 years and always advised my clients to sign, because while someone in possession of their card could practice their signature if it’s signed, without a signature, they can sign your name themselves and then match it every time.” -Vel W., via email

“It has been my experience that the post office will not accept a credit card that has not been signed.” (Heloise here: This is true. However, you can use a debit card without signature by using the personal identification number, or PIN).

-Todd D., via email

“I never sign the back of my cards, but instead, I clearly print ‘Request ID.’ Occasionally, a merchant actually looks at the back and does.” -Ed K. in Texas

DEAR HELOISE: I recently broke my right wrist (and I’m right-handed). I found that a piece of the rubber strips used to keep throw rugs from slipping is great on the kitchen counter for one-handed opening of previously opened jars and bottles. It also kept my coffee mug from sliding while filling and stirring.

I keep a long strip on the counter while my husband is at work, and then move it out of the way when he gets home. I even have used the long strips on my clothes dryer to keep the detergent and other bottles from traveling.

-Lois H. in Virginia

DEAR HELOISE: I don’t like picking up my dog’s little presents that he leaves for me. I normally pick them up with a paper towel. Is there any other way of picking up this waste?

  • A Reader, via email

DEAR READER: There are plastic “doggie do” bags made for picking up the waste of not just dogs, but other animals as well (like the cat box). A lot of readers also use plastic newspaper bags. Place one over your hand, pick up the waste and then toss in the garbage.

Or you may want to try a long-handled scooper, available at pet stores, made to clean up the waste. This can be washed off, and you don’t need to bend over to use it.

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