Super Quiz: Criminal activities

Posted: September 26, 2013 at 2:31 a.m.

  1. What did “the piper’s son” steal?

  2. What type of criminal would reputedly sandpaper his fingertips?

  3. By what method did the Sparrow kill Cock Robin?

  4. What crime did the Artful Dodger practice?

  5. Which infamous criminal operated in London’s Whitechapel district?

  6. What is the correct term for Macbeth’s first crime?

  7. A person paid to take drugs into a country by hiding them on or in his body

  8. What did Col. Thomas Blood try to steal in 1671?

  9. Which criminal was known by the sobriquet “Legs”?


  1. A pig (and away did run)

  2. Safecracker

  3. Bow and arrow

  4. Pickpocketing

  5. Jack the Ripper

  6. Regicide

  7. Mule

  8. The Crown Jewels of England

  9. Jack Diamond

Weekend, Pages 37 on 09/26/2013