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Posted: September 13, 2013 at 2:02 a.m.

The 48 Hour Film Project is nearly wrapped for 2013. This year was a whirlwind of anticipation, anxiety, excitement and energy as the 31 teams produced short cinematic treasures in 48 hours. As the host and city producer of this year’s project for Little Rock, I can attest there were some hiccups.

These films will be playing at the Best Of Screening and Awards Ceremony at 7 p.m. Saturday at Wildwood Park for the Arts in west Little Rock. The lineup, in no particular order, as picked by the people are: La Grande Fete by Flokati Films (operetta); Surprise Party by AndrewMFilms (comedy); Vacation by Something Clever (vacation or holiday film); Abattoir by Team Bearshark (buddy film); The Door by The Immaculate Production (thriller/suspense); The Plumbmeler by Altered Egos (martial arts); Last Chance Romance by Domino Pictures (dark comedy); Drain by Raymond Roquello and His Orchestra (found footage); The Third Save by Whiffle Powder Productions (superhero); and Deuces! by Clever Alibi Productions (mystery).

The awards ceremony will present several honors, including the Best Film of Little Rock, which will represent the city in the national competition for the 48 Hour Film Project in Hollywood. The nominations for the awards are as follows:

Best film: Abbatoir (Joshua Harrison); La Grande Fete (Johnnie Brannon); Surprise Party (Andrew McMurray); Metafloor (Jeff Carter)

Best directing: Joshua Harrison, Abbatoir; Andrew McMurray, Surprise Party; David Bogard, Miss Otis Regrets;Kelly Griffin, Now You See Me

Best story: Abbatoir by Joshua Harrison, John Schol, Matthew Maguire; Last Chance Romance by Lauren Walker; Miss Otis Regrets by Jim Linsley, Wanda Linsley, Jim Jolly, David Bogard, Sherri Andrews, Ruth Shepherd; Surprise Party by Andrew McMurry, Matthew McMurry, Joe Ochterbeck, Austin Blunk, Garrett Whitehead, Spencer Waldner

Best actor: Jay Morgan, Now You See Me; Mike Brabender, Drain; Austin Blunk, Surprise Party; Ed Lowry, Shillelagh

Best actress: Holly Mary Anne Hall, The Door; Keshia Walton, Community Cove; Karen Clark, La Grande Fete; Rachel Jarchow, Dateable

Best cinematography: Brent Walker, Last Chance Romance; Charlie Ryan, Metafloor; Joshua Harrison, Abbatoir; Charlie Brady, Drain

Best editing: Joshua Harrison, Abbatoir; Charlie Brady,Drain; Charlie Ryan, Metafloor; Jack Turner, Lorenzo Balderas, Drew Brown, Vacation

Best music: Sam Clark, et al, La Grande Fete; Jonathan Glisson, Dateable; Various contributors, Forever and Again; Matthew Cronk, Luke Fain, Abbatoir

Best use of prop: Shillelagh, Community Cove, La Grande Fete

Best use of line of dialogue: Now You See Me, Plumb Out of Luck, Tai Chi Child The Movie

Best use of character: Dateable, Scheit Happens, Halloween Revenge

More information about the films and the 48 Hour Film Project including where you can get tickets for the Awards Show can be found at Email

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