Interpretation Of ‘No’ On Opposition Election Sign

Posted: September 8, 2013 at 2:12 a.m.

Have you seen the sign just south of the Arkansas Tourist Center in Bella Vista? It reads, “No Ticky — No Washy; No School — No Tax.” Perhaps some explanation of its meaning is in order.

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Opinion, Pages 14 on 09/08/2013

Benny Beals gives a more educated response than most Creatioists, but he still has much of it wrong.
Evolution is not only about struggle it is also about cooperation and altruism.
Evolution is also about the development of complexity and intelligence.
"Fundamentally, intelligence can be thought of as an organism's ability to sense, process, and respond to information to its adaptive advantage, forming memories to anticipate and optimize advantage in future encounters.
By this definition, an amoeba has a rudimentary intelligence. So does a grove of aspen trees. Intelligence, then, isn’t the sole prerogative of humans, or primates, or even mammals, but a ubiquitous feature of life on earth."

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Bertrand Russell and B.F. Skinner might represent the scientism end of the spectrum but there are many, many philosophies besides scientism and Christian fundamentalism.

Not all scientists are behaviorists.
Christianity is not the only religion
and not all Christians are fundamentalists who believe in Intelligent Design.

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In 1966 Bertrand Russell, at the age of 94, organized an International War Crimes Tribunal to investigate U.S. military involvement in Vietnam.
This was not an isolated event as he had been actively opposing war for most of his life.
He certainly had strong moral positions on various issues. Many people do who are not Christian fundamentalists, not Christians, and not part of any organized religion.

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Benny Beals is so wrong about so many things, It would just cause immense frustration to start listing them and get no response from him.

Although, in his basketball court analogy, he has his favored side of the court created with the premise that he ca prove that God exists. He would be discussing this with the Pope, and not here, if this was true.

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