Yoga Balls Help Students Focus In Class

Posted: October 13, 2013 at 5 a.m.

Kyra Guzman, 8, left, sit with other classmates on yoga ball while Jack Salinas, 8, sits in a chair while doing work in Jennifer Mills 3rd grade class at Jones Elementary School in Springdale. Schools has been using yoga balls, bands on chair legs, seat cushions and stationary bikes to help fidgety students focus during class. The yoga balls also help them have good posture because it makes it hard for the kids to slouch or lean.

Melissa Fink said she remembers being told not to move from her seat when she was a child in school.

At A Glance

Yoga balls are inflatable balls originally used to perform varying exercises. They are generally made of soft elastic and the air pressure can be changed by using a valve on the ball.

Source: Staff Report

At A Glance

Items That Help Fidgety Students

• Yoga balls

• Stationary bikes

• Stationary bike pedals

• Large stretchy bands on desk or chair legs

Source: Staff Report

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A good start. Now if Melissa will use baroque music, she just might be amazed at the student's learning power.

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