SWEPCO rips power-line critics’ claims

No evidence of damage to tourism, filing asserts

Posted: October 3, 2013 at 2:28 a.m.

Opponents of a proposed 50-mile high-voltage transmission line in Benton and Carroll counties say it will hurt tourism, particularly for Eureka Springs.

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Northwest Arkansas, Pages 7 on 10/03/2013

SWEPCO has the biggest club but just say "no" to bullies.

Posted by: Oldearkie

October 3, 2013 at 11:31 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

The misleading headline is not supported by the text of the article. It only shows ADG supports SWEPCO who did so poorly at the August 26 APSC Little Rock hearing that on the last hour David Matthews had to beg the court to “do-over” the SWEPCO Application. At the hearings the truth came out: the original need claimed by SWEPCO is clearly false and the 345 kV line is unnecessary. Entergy, SPP and Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation gave inconsistent and contradictory testimony on grid reliability and expansion plans. The EIS prepared by Stephen Thornhill of Burns and McDonell used text from other documents instead of addressing the key questions: 1. Can AEP build 180 feet towers in karst terrain (limestone landscape characterized by numerous caves, sinkholes, fissures, and underground streams)? 2. What is the impact on the local economy of the areas traversed by the transmission line, five times larger than the 64,000 Volt lines that we see in NWA? There was ripping, as stated in the headline, but you have to ask Matthews and Thornhill how it felt. After seven years to prepare the Application AEP needs more time to do-over the documentation to destroy the Ozarks? AEP and APSC have lost the right to operate in Arkansas, they don’t care for our economy, environment, health and they have shown no respect to the people of Arkansas.

Posted by: LContreras

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Here is something to consider stated on a high level meeting on Sustainability by Nick Akins, AEP CEO: At AEP, sustainability is a core business strategy that enhances our ability to safely generate and deliver reliable, affordable power for the benefit of our customers; fulfill our environmental and social commitments.

Destroying the environment, economy and health of the people of Arkansas, condemning 1/4 of the Gentry Wildlife Safari, and threatening private property rights with the help of APSC Staff does not fit with Nick's corporate propaganda

Posted by: LContreras

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