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Project Brings Accesses To Cavern Room, Lagoon

Posted: May 29, 2013 at 5 a.m.

Donald Locander shows students from St. Raphael Catholic School in Springdale how they would have needed to crawl to see this portion of the cave before it was opened up during an expansion project. Workers used dynamite to open a 94-foot tunnel to a part of the cave that contains formations and a lagoon.

Visitors to War Eagle Cavern now see part of the cave only belly-crawling, mud-covered spelunkers have explored.

By The Numbers

New Tunnel

• 30: Number of charges of dynamite required to complete the tunnel.

• 8 to 10: Number of sticks of dynamite per charge. Also the number of tons of rock loosened per charge.

• 300: Total tons of rock removed from the cave.

• 10: Height of the tunnel in feet.

• 12: Width of the tunnel in feet.

• 3: Number of months it took a crew of seven to build the tunnel.

• 1: Number of movies filmed in War Eagle Cavern. “Frank and Jesse” was shot partly in War Eagle Cavern in 1994. Actors included Rob Lowe and Randy Travis.

• 58: The average Fahrenheit temperature inside the cave.

• 60: Number of minutes visitors spend on the cave tour.

• 4: Known miles of passages that make up the cave.

• 479-789-2909: Phone number for War Eagle Cavern information. Or visit

Source: Staff Report

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