Jury Trial Set For Clowers

Posted: May 21, 2013 at 5 a.m.

An August jury trial is scheduled for a former Washington County constable accused of impersonating a law enforcement officer.

At A Glance

Criminal Impersonation

Criminal impersonation in the first degree is a Class D felony. Possession of emergency lights is a Class A misdemeanor.

Source: Staff Report

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I have posted this before and I will do it again. The Springdale Police searched this mans house, I am a bit confused, granted I am confused a lot. What I don't understand is the Springdale police have known of this man for years, they knew of his marked vehicle, his quasi uniform, his blue light and that he was a want to be cop. This guy has been a laughing stock within law enforcement circles for years, why is it now they get all fired up after he did what they say he did. It seems to me if the police had been doing their job this situation would have never happened, they allowed him to break the law right in front of their noses for years and did nothing, why.

Posted by: rummy

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