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Officials Respond To Enrollment, Housing Growth

Posted: March 31, 2013 at 2:05 a.m.

Jeffery Vinger, University Housing's director for residential facilities (right) and Chase Taylor, project manager with Kinco Constructors of Springdale show one of the improved areas on the main floor of Hotz Hall on the University of Arkansas campus Wednesday afternoon. Hotz Hall is one of four housing projects University of Arkansas officials have planned between now and 2020. Hotz and Founders halls are expected to open this fall and add approximately 630 bedrooms on campus

Enrollment growth at the University of Arkansas means there will be thousands of new heads to find pillows for in Fayetteville.

Meeting Information

Updated Housing Master Plan

University officials are scheduled to present their updated housing master plan to the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees buildings and grounds committee Thursday in Monticello. Florence Johnson, University Housings executive director, said the university plans to ask the board to approve a capital plan for Virginia Avenue housing in September.

Source: University of Arkansas

At A Glance

Housing Goals

The University of Arkansas’ housing master plan update identifies eight primary goals for on-campus construction.

• Provide additional desirable, safe and affordable housing that promotes student success in the face of increasing enrollment

• Maintain the character of the institution as a residential university

• Create more diversity of unit types and university and living arrangements within the housing system

• Update, refresh and renovate existing buildings deemed valuable for the system’s future needs

• Identify and create a plan that permits the demolition of buildings whose conditions or layout are not able to be corrected with reasonable efforts or funds

• Enhance the nature of student community development and academic success

• Enhance the role of housing as a positive factor in the recruitment of students

• Create a series of actions, over a defined timeline, that are financially feasible and supportive of the above

A companion document for Greek life identified several locations on campus where new fraternity and sorority houses could be built.

Source: University of Arkansas

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Housing Master Plan

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These student housing places are crap with cheap construction building thin walls being able to hear everything next door to you . These places become trash usually after a couple of months and the private company running it doesn't care if people move out as long as they cut cut costs by not repairing important parts of the complex and charging rent with high monthly rates to these places to the next incoming group of college students who usually are clueless on their quality standards for an apartment and little experience living on their own.

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