Summer means time to get all wet

Posted: June 25, 2013 at 12:49 p.m.

Summer in the Ozarks can be brutal in terms of heat and humidity, but that’s just all the more reason to head for the nearest lake, stream or other body of cool, refreshing water.

Throughout the region, outdoors enthusiasts flock to such places for a variety of reasons.

Many simply want to take a cooling dip. For folks of that mindset, this issue of Get Out in the Ozarks provides recommendations for finding that “old-school swimming hole,” where the water isn’t chlorinated and patrons will have to share space with the fish, turtles and maybe even the occasional snake.

Others arrive with paddles in hand and canoes or kayaks in tow, whether owned or rented, looking to glide across the soothing waters while taking in some of the most glamorous scenery to be found anywhere. For those, the following pages contain our staff recommendations for the Ozarks’ best floats.

Summer in the Ozarks also signals time for golf, and those willing to make a short drive to the Arkansas River valley region will find a treat for the eyes and the pocketbook at The Lion’s Den Golf Club. The course is the old Bay Ridge Golf Club, which pro golfing icon and Dardanelle native John Daly purchased a few years back and has been sprucing up. Working with views of Mount Nebo and Lake Dardanelle, an expert staff is well on the way to making it a destination for golfers across the state and the country.

This issue also takes a look at the growing sport called Ultimate, along with delving into the offerings at the swanky visitor center at Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area near Rogers.

As always, we’re sure that something in these pages will inspire you to Get Out in the Ozarks!