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Don’t believe the ads So fellow Arkansans, how big of suckers and saps are we that we insipidly lap up the propaganda of the Mark Zuckerberg-funded amnesty ads? You know the ones, from a mob calling itself Americans for a Conservative Direction, that breathlessly gush about the broken immigration system that must be fixed. Yeah, right, apparently by declaring amnesty and forgetting the border.

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Editorial, Pages 13 on 07/29/2013

Quincy Jackson say AMNESTY!!
knee jerk reflex
It would cost several thousand dollars in penalties and back taxes--more than many could afford---and it would take 10 years minimum
but it's still AMNESTY!!!
everybody jerk your knees now

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Conrad Wall is "thinking randomly."
He says guns are much safer than tobacco, automobiles, and abortion.
They are safer than cancer and heart attacks too.
So what?
Wall says "President Obama could have been where he didn’t have any business being, as apparently was Martin a year and a half ago."
But Trayvon and his father were visiting his father's fiancée and her son at her townhome in the multi-ethnic gated community.
Wall says "Our government gives billions of dollars to people who hate us."
The biggest recipient of U.S. aid is Israel. I doubt most Israelis hate us.
The 2nd biggest recipient is military aid to Egypt, which fronts the Suez Canal through which so much oil flows. Egypt has historically been moderately friendly towards Israel, our ally. Also Egypt is a large country, a counterweight to Iran and other Mideast powers.
U.S. aid is general geostrategic or has strings attached that favor U.S. companies such as Bechtel.
We don't give most aid to people but to governments. They use us and we use them.

Posted by: Coralie

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Aid to other countries is basically a ransom paid for favorable consideration to many countries for a number of reasons.

Aid to Egypt's military gave it the resources to end the Morsi regime and try to start the country over.

Aid to Israel pays for valuable intelligence and assistance in dealing with a variety of issues in the middle east.

We have even provided aid and other sweet deals to the former Soviet Union.

It all started with the Arabs. After the revolutionary war Barbary pirates attacked and kidnapped American merchant ships and crews in an attempt to extort ransom for the lives of captured sailors, and ultimately received a ransom from the United States. We even agreed to pay $1 million a year tirbute to avoid further attacks for 15 years.

Thomas Jefferson argued to stop paying tribute because he believed it only encouraged more piracy.

By the time Jefferson was elected president we had rebuilt our Navy after the revolutionary war. Tripoli demanded $225,000 from the new administration. Jefferson refused and eventually Congress gave him the authority to take action.

We attacked and after several interim treaties and settlements and paying tribute and ransoms it all finally ended after the War of 1812 in 1817 and several raids we made in response.

The First Barbary War showed that America could execute a war far from home, and that American forces had the ability to fight abroad. The United States Navy and Marines got their song...."From the halls of montezuma to the shores of Tripoli......".

I wonder if there is a lesson there? Maybe we should stop paying them, let markets rule, and if anybody attacks us here or abroad just slap them haard enough to teach them a lesson and move on?

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The government is paying Israel to build up its military (even though they may then use the freed up money to build more settlements on Palestinian land).
How does stopping military aid lead to "letting markets rule"?
Apples and oranges.

Posted by: Coralie

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