COMMENTARY: Parents Should Help Make Changes Easier

Imagine What Could Be Accomplished If Adults Would Expend More Energy To Volunteering

Posted: January 31, 2013 at 1:51 a.m.

The Rogers School District is in a hot water with some patrons. District officials finally revealed proposed boundary changes this week. They are likely to be voted on in March.

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Leeanna, I would like to correct you on some info about these changes. I am a parent of 3 teenage sons. I have 1 that will graduate this year, 1 that will be a junior next year and 1 that will be a freshman next year. These changes will hurt our family because we will have 2 students at 2 different high schools. How do you choose who to support on Friday night games, concerts, plays...etc. when they are at the same time? I am not against change but some of these changes are not needed for a few years. Me and my family do support our schools that our kids go to. We spend an average of 600-800 hours a year helping out. I think you need to talk to some of the parents that do spend time at these schools and find out how it affects them and their kids before you run your mouth and say the things you do!

Posted by: tla045

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Great commentary by someone with no horse in the race. My kids won't be affected but I'm not going to be the scumbag who publicly criticizes parents who are concerned about their children. They are leaving what they know and the friends they've made. Losing friends, at any age, is not something to make fun of. Name me one six year old who knows the difference between to two mascots? Ok, find me a 6 year old who is excited to lose friends.

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Lastly, if you wanted to actually be informed before offending dozens of familes, you should ask those parents that were at those meetings. I know you will find that those are the parents that DO volunteer at the schools that their kids attend. They are the parents that put in hundreds of volunteer hours, and spend hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets to make sure the ALL of the kids at their respective schools have equal opportunities. Those are the parents that want the district to THINK about ALL of the students that they are affecting. They are not just numbers or students, they are CHILDREN and FAMILIES. Splitting families among multiple schools of the same level is a terrible idea. The kids that will be going to Darr are NOT new residents to Rogers, these are NOT new kids to RPS. A change is NOT necessary this fall. A well thought out PLAN is possible, why are we in a rush to implement these changes in the fall?
Westside parents, just like most of the parents at the informational meetings want RPS to have a long term plan. What will happen to the youngest kids in RPS now when a new high school is built in 7 to 10 years? I have a feeling Westside, as well as one or two more schools, will change back to RHS.
A Concerned RPS Parent

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Ms. Walker,
The Rogers Public School district is not exactly in hot water. What is currently proposed for boundary and feeder pattern changes is simply a band-aid. Because RPS is growing, it would be beneficial to ALL Rogers parents and students if the district planned more than 3 years into the future. The district already owns property to build another high school, in 7 to 10 years. ALL of Rogers schools are good schools. Let me address some of the points you made:
Balancing Building Enrollment. If you review the numbers that RPS provided at the informational/feedback meetings you will clearly see that student populations will not be balanced. These boundaries are providing for space at RHS and the schools MIGHT be equalized in 3 to 4 years. Next year, RHS will have approximately 1600 students, and HHS will have 2250. The difference is to allow for growth, but apparently ONLY if that growth is south of New Hope Road.
Westside Elementary. I am a parent within the Westside boundary. I have children at Westside. We also have children at Elmwood. Yes, we are upset. We are NOT upset about the fact that our kids will most likely attend Oakdale and Heritage, even though that means our one daughter will attend 3 schools in 3 years, without moving our home. Oakdale and Heritage are excellent schools. It has to do with the fact that almost every time the district needs to make a change, it means Westside changes feeder patterns. The district continuously moves Westside. My understanding is that this will be the FIFTH feeder change for Westside since 1995. We have not live here that long, so that number could be incorrect. Ask for information on the other schools, and I don’t believe you will find an elementary school that has changed feeder patterns as much.
Some younger kids, including my almost 8 year old son, will be affected immediately. He plays baseball for the Mountaineer Baseball Academy. He IS a Mountie, it hasn’t been drummed into his head!
None of the Westside parents that are vocal are saying that it isn’t necessary to move kids, it is about FREQUENCY and it is also about splitting families between schools. The district needs a LONG TERM plan, and stop changing boundaries and feeder patterns so often.

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Unless you have a dog in the race you might try to check your facts and show some class. Westside parents are indeed upset with the proposed boundary changes and rightfully so. This will actually be the seventh time that Westside has changed their feeder pattern. Westside parents do not expect special consideration for their children..BUT they do ask for the same fair treatment of ALL students across the board. You implied that families with a lower income must have children that aren't as smart as those with more financial means. Shame on you. That shows your ignorance. The numbers that were presented the other night at the meeting do not add up. Taking Westside out of Elmwood leaves them at 600+ students next year while all the other middle schools show why again would we move Westside out of Elmwood? There is no reason to....Darr is not bringing in new students to the system it is simply moving a handful of students from Bellview and Tucker to their respective neighborhood elementary school. Those same students they are trying to "put" back into Elmwood would have already fed into there anyway. We are failing students and families when we are always changing boundaries especially when there is no valid reason to do so. In your reference to Grimes, yes, some are being moved but they will REMAIN in the same feeder pattern. You should have done some more research. I do expect consistency and stability in the school system for my children. I am their best advocate as their parent. I dare say that with your own child you expected the same fair treatment. Did you actually take the time to ask any Westside parent why they felt the way they felt or did you just jump on the opportunity to turn this into a newspaper article to feed your own ego?

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Saddened that my local newspaper would make a comment about parents from Westside. Have you ever gone to Westside to see the number of volunteers in that school? How would you feel if tomorrow you were told that you would be changing jobs to some other newspaper company in town? Don't you have enough pride in your own paper that you would beg to stay there? Several teachers will have to pick up and move jobs! Ms. Walker, come visit with us and see if you can figure put why...... I hate that your comments make it seem that these wonderful people should just move again. Children are upset, teachers are upset, parents are upset, but you know what they'll be doing tomorrow? Volunteering, like they always do! Wanna join us?

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