PUBLIC VIEWPOINT: Boy Scouts Need To Honor Truth

Posted: January 31, 2013 at 1:43 a.m.

I earned my Eagle Scout rank in 1985. The Boy Scouts were very important to me as a youth. I was late to join the Boy Scouts. I joined when I was 14. I earned my Eagle Scout rank when I was 17. The highlight of my Scouting career was working for the Boy Scouts of America at the national high adventure base in Ely, Minn., during the summer of 1986.

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Three words for Dan Sharon...."Bless your heart."

Posted by: moon1234

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"They will also have to rewrite their list of Eagle Scouts because this one will return his Eagle Scout badge and metal. They just won’t mean anything to me anymore because truth does not change. Truth is timeless."

Did John Kerry preface tossing his medals over the fence in '71 with any such heartfelt prose . . . ?

Posted by: CaptainQuint

February 1, 2013 at 7:02 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

(Of course, one has to find somewhat suspect the agenda of any organization established for the mentoring of pubescent males whose founding document is entitled "Scouting for Boys" . . . .)

Posted by: CaptainQuint

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Dan is going to lose this one too. Have the hardcore conservatives been right about any of these things? It seems history has consistently found them to be on the wrong side of every moral/civil right issue for a few centuries. Could that be? You'd think they'd get one right once in a while. Perhaps someone can provide an example of them getting one right (and without confusing party label with ideology. Obviously the conservative racist bunch used to inhabit the Demo party, then they moved).

The genie is out of the bottle, horse has left the barn. And unfortunately, the BSA, because they've dragged this out so long, are going to get a kick in the shorts either way they go. Maybe it was inevitable at any time. There are the fundamental knowers timeless Truth(tm) like Dan who will punish them for stopping their discrimination against gays, and then there is the growing majority that is disgusted that they continue to use their group, and public school access privileges, to promote their discriminatory religious beliefs against a minority that deserves (and is quickly obtaining) full equal rights.

Why can't the BSA be more like the girl scouts and keep the religious stuff out of it? That would have been smarter. I'm about the same age as Dan but I wasn't allowed to participate in the scouts due to my parents religion which knows that the scouts mix up religion with what could be, and should be, a very successful and useful secular program.

Dan says:

Dan: "If the Boys Scouts accept this, they will have to rewrite their Scout Oath.">>


Dan: "this one will return his Eagle Scout badge and metal.">>

Oh well. There are lots of people who don't have them, or do have them and have handed them back specifically due to the Boy Scouts discrimination against this minority.

Dan: "...truth does not change. Truth is timeless.">>

If Dan would read his Bible carefully, he would find that it provides an extensive record of actions that used to be considered morally correct, but are now considered (even by his religion) to be immoral. Some truths appear to be timeless, but human morality is something we invent and fiddle with over the years. And there is no good reason to believe morals are timeless or anything other than human abstractions, subjective to time and place. It's time to toss this horrible faith based superstition that gays are something less than fully human and thus worthy of something less than the full, equal human rights that go with it.


Posted by: fayfreethinker

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Dan says his Eagle Scout mementos “represent challenge, determination, perseverance and success,” which he infers to be values he holds dear. This strikes me as ironic. First of all, gay men face the daily “challenge” of discrimination, negative judgments, and lack of compassion from people just like Dan. Secondly, any gay man wishing to become a part of the Boy Scouts would obviously have great “determination” because of the negative backlash presently occurring from people like Dan. Third, gay people must have “perseverance” if they are to ever have full equality in this country because of people like Dan. Lastly, it is people like Dan who strive to stand between the “success” of a gay individual ever having an equal role in society simply because he is different than he is. It appears that Dan does not actually appreciate these qualities at all unless they come from people that are just like him. For Dan, the Scouts must actually represent something besides the “truth and honesty” he claims to follow if his fellow man should be shunned for simply expressing who he is with that same truth and honesty. The real values being exposed here are not any that we should be teaching our children.

Posted by: taminatress

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