Apollo Theater Unsafe

Building Needs Repair or Demolition

Posted: January 30, 2013 at 5 a.m.

The last theater building remaining from Emma Avenue’s heyday may face demolition.

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The Apollo is mentioned in a discussion on the Facebook page, “Springdale AR — the way we remember it!”

A concession stand favorite was the pickle juice snowcone.

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The Opery was in the building from 1999-2001, and the roof was leaking then Mr. Vowell said. Leaks in the roof were a problem while he was there. That is the reason we closed. "The building wasn't in that good a shape then." If the building was in that bad shape in 2001, why has it taken the Building Inspection Department and Fire Department this long to deem the building Unsafe? Does the city not do regular inspections on these buildings to determine if they are safe or unsafe? Just go east on Emma Avenue and look at some of those buildings. They look like they need to be inspected. I bet you would probably find several of them in just as bad a shape as the Apollo.

Posted by: vtech

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Believe me there are a lot of questions that should be asked concerning the Building Inspection Department. There are two building inspectors that can't pass the basic residential building code test for certification, one inspector has failed it numerous times. These 2 are doing 90% of all residential inspections, doesn't t hat make a owner of a new home feel good. The chief building official has a chief building inspector, why ? It seems to me the city is paying for 2 when only one is needed, what a waste of money. Could the answer be that the CBO spends a lot of his time playing cops and robbers with the men of the police department. This guy needs to figure out what his job is and do it if he is capable. This mayor has been informed of the problems in this department but he along with the News ignore it.

All any person has to do is ask a few questions and it will explain why this department is what it is. Ask, what was the Chief Building Officials management experience before he became the department head, the answer is none. Ask how he was able to get the department head job. Ask him why he had to have a chief building inspector, a chief code enforcement officer which is another waste of money. Ask why all 3 of their city vehicles have no city markings, ask the CBO what it means to " Refresh a Red Tag ". Ask him why from between 2007 and 2011 he closed over 300
permit files purchased by home owners for various construction projects on their property with out the inspection department doing any inspections or inadequate inspections. Is it possible that this could put the occupants at risk or damage property values or make the city liable. Ask why this CBO allows elderly persons to live in a garage without a way to get out in case of a fire. The chief building inspector is aware of all of this and knows it is a violation of the building code but yet he does nothing, Why ?


There are a lot more questions that should be asked, it is a waste of time because this mayor thinks the sun rises and sets on these people. The mayor is completely aware of this mess but hasn't got the willpower to do anything about it. Some day this department will embarrass him and the city more than it has already.

I am fully aware I will be attacked for this post, and the news will more than likely take it down, I really don't care because it is the truth. So for those of you that want to attack me and not the message, have fun.

Posted by: rummy

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But yet they had time to harrass me over a 10x10 metal porch cover???


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I assumed your Yaaaaaaawn! means you don't care what goes on around you or how your tax dollars are wasted or you have no concern for your fellow man. I hope I am wrong if so please explain yourself.


Posted by: rummy

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Assume away.

Posted by: CEW1

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