Enduring disgrace

Posted: January 6, 2013 at 1:58 a.m.

During the holidays my empathy invariably returns to Ron and Mona Ward of Marshall. They are the parents whose 16-year old daughter, Olivia Jane “Janie” Ward, died during a teen beer bust at a cabin in the woods on Sept. 9, 1989.

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Editorial, Pages 73 on 01/06/2013

Mike, that was a puff peace filled with inuendo and little substance. Reminds me of all the conspiracy theorists of the JFK era. Did you think to file a freedom of information to obtain the toxicology screen from the original autopsy? Kids do stupid things and take even more chances with alcohol. Were the clothes wet from beer or water? Did anyone ask if Frisby or Beach Volleyball were being played at the Party? A good dig can fill up a bra with sand. Were all three witness stories staged (all identical)? Were they hiding a dare to jump off the Tallahatchy Bridge? Was Bobby Jo McAllister at the Party? The only suspicious "facts" you present are severe neck damage from a (supossedly) 9 inch fall. I suggest you watch the 4 CSI's and 2 NCIS shows to learn what it is to be a good "gumshoe".

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Hi Mikej - Thanks for responding and reading my column today. You may be the only one who did!
I do respectfully suggest you head over the the "Justice for Janie" website and take a gander at the long list of facts that were revealed over four years in those 200 columns. Unfortunately, having 850 words in a single column can't even begin to review them all. It seems apparent to me that you're unfamiliar with what was being exposed across four long years in Janie's case. As far as the finer art of gumshoeism, I'll probably leave that to the fictionalized screenwriters you are talking about. This case is, and always will be, an enormous disgrace to our state in my view and that of many others I suspect.

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Mr. Masterson--

As you sometimes comment on your own pieces-- which I appreciate-- it seems inappropriate for you to comment under the various screen names you have used in the past year or so. That could be taken to be an attempt to mislead readers, or a failure to completely own up to what you write.

Speaking of your screen name, is it my imagination, or did you misspell "rube"?

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That sand in the bra thing is one reason I perfer naked Beach Volleyball.

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Hey Alphakitty, what part of " Thanks for responding and reading my column today" makes you think Mr. Masterson is attempting to mislead readers? Isn't 2:41 p.m. a tad early in the afternoon to be hitting the sauce so heavy?

Keep up the good work Mr. Masterson. I read all your columns.

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By the way Mr. Masterson, don't be offended by alphakitty. He's like that relative no one wants to talk about, if you get my drift.

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eer (I can't bring myself to call you "patriot")--

If Mr. Masterson wishes to stand unequivocally behind what he writes, he should use his own name, particularly when he comments on his own columns. He does not always take clear ownership of his comments. He also comments on sports articles, and it seems a little shady for him to hide his identity in those cases as well, as he is a contributing writer for the paper. (Besides, his sports comments are generally pretty good.)

By the way, Mr. Masterson--

Don't take eer too seriously. He doesn't know the difference between a musket and a musketeer, and he has to write my screen name in babytalk because I make him nervous, if you get his drift.

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Great comeback kitty (can't bring myself to call you alpha)

You never disappoint. Does your mom know you're using her computer?

She needs to hide her booze better also.

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Actually Rue B. Masterson was my late father. I chose that in tribute to him. The 10 is my birthdate. Seems pretty apparent that I have never had a problem owning what I write, including obviously in this instance. I thought about using Alphacat as my comments name, but darned, it was taken. Thanks for reading.

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Mr. Masterson--

As I said, It isn't just your comments under your own articles that are at issue. And you certainly aren't as dishonest as a couple of other writers who comment on their articles using screen names. In any case, thank you for joining in.

RE "I thought about using Alphacat as my comments name, but darned, it was taken."
You could use "alphakitty". eer really wants one.

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Wondering what is the specific web address for the "Justice for Janie" website mentioned in the article. A google search comes up with some related links, but would like to research the site Mr. Masterson references.

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