City Ceases Plastics Recycling

Officials Search For New Buyer For No. 3 Through 7 Material

Posted: February 16, 2013 at 4:25 a.m.

Kyle McCarty with Fayetteville Solid Waste and Recycling Division talks about the bales of No. 3 through 7 plastics Feb. 7 at the recycling drop-off facility. The city will no longer accept these plastics while they look for a buyer.

Residents won't be able to recycle yogurt cups and butter tubs at the Happy Hollow Road drop-off facility until city officials find a new buyer for No. 3 through 7 plastics.

At A Glance


The bottoms of most plastic containers are labeled with an identification number inside a triangular recycling symbol. The numbers denote what type of material each container is. The identification system was introduced in 1988 by SPI, the plastics industry trade association.

• No. 1: PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), soft drink, mouthwash and water bottles; peanut butter jars; and ketchup and salad dressing containers

• No. 2: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), milk jugs; shampoo bottles; and containers for laundry detergent and other household cleaners

• No. 3 : PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), blister packs; shrink wrap; wire and cable insulation; and tamper-resistant containers

• No. 4: LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), produce and newspaper bags; hot and cold beverage cups; toys; and honey and mustard bottles

• No. 5 : PP (Polypropylene), yogurt cups; butter tubs; medicine bottles; and syrup containers

• No. 6: PS (Polystyrene), meat and poultry trays; protective foam packaging; and CDs

• No. 7: Other, 3- and 5-gallon reusable water bottles; oven-baking bags; and custom packaging.

Sources: American Chemistry Council, Plastics Division; Environmental Protection Agency

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