Three Jail Deputies Fired

SHERIFF: Men Pepper Sprayed Restrained Inmate

Posted: February 12, 2013 at 5 a.m.

A frame from a video showing Benton County jailers restraining and pepper-spraying an inmate.

Three Benton County Sheriff’s Office jailers were fired last month after using pepper spray on an inmate strapped in a restraint chair, Sheriff Kelley Cradduck said Monday.

Video captured at the Benton County Jail of an incident that <a href="">led to three jailers being fired.</a> The video shows an inmate in a restraint chair being pepper sprayed, which may be disturbing to some viewers. The mark on the inmate's cheek is visible in an earlier video of him being booked into the jail.


Benton County Jail incident

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Benton County Sheriffs County Jail I feel they use excessive force to all inmates
here is my story.
I was awaiting prison term for 2nd degree battery for throwing a coffee cup at my roommate.
I was there for six months waiting to go to prison awaiting bedspace (normal wait in arkansas is 6 months)
every other state is 1 to 3 months.
they stripped me checked me made me shower with lye soap to kill head lice
took my clothes and property and tagged it.
then moved you into the "waiting to be booked area" where you sit for hours listening to them
talk stuff to all the inmates waiting.

I had carbon monoxide poisoning from my house from a yellow flame generated from hot water heater
and heater in front of house. my level was 8.0 monoxide to blood. at 10.0 your dead.

I drove to parents to stay night and got busted for DUI. still waiting court.

the deputies in benton county jail tasered me and put (3) yes three sets of handcuffs on me
they handcuffed my hands then they handcuffed my feet, then they handcuffed my hands to my feet
and left me rolling around on a ice cold floor for hours.

the public needs to wake up

I have been in prison before and jail before and this is the worst jail I have been in ever.

Posted by: Daron

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