HOW WE SEE IT: Leaders Eye Springdale’s Downtown

Posted: February 12, 2013 at 5 a.m.

Every town eventually witnesses a once heralded part of its fabric become stained with closed storefronts, dilapidated buildings and a loss of the identity that once drew people for commerce and community.

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Opinion, Pages 5 on 02/12/2013

There is a big difference between what happened in the other cities in NWA . First their main streets aren't straight through town streets. They have a square a turn something to make it a destination. Springdale downtown is a straight street that has very little potential unless they divert the traffic elsewhere. The only problem with that is there is no where to move that traffic.
Second is and entertainment district but there could be hope there if it is was a hispanic entertainment district , as Springdale has about as many hispanics as other races so why not. Mainly because most of the people working on this are white. The fact is Springdale is different we are the step child of NWA because we are multi-cultural I see that as Ok. Just use it to your advantage make Springdale a place that all races can come together and be entertained. The fact is you don't see hispanics hanging out in the Fayetteville entertainment district. some may go to Rogers but I don't think you will see many in Bentonville. Which is becoming the main city in NWA because of Wal-mart and all that brings. So Springdale I hope your plans include all races. Otherwise they might as well build a new downtown by the new overpass. Southlake Tx did it and Rogers did it with the Promenade area. Then the downtown can be where the money is because it is not in downtown Springdale.

Posted by: troutjig

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The First Step:
Get the Chamber of Welfare out of directing the City's direction.
Our Chamber of Welfare has a horrible record. Plus, the Chamber is on record as thinking downtown is dead, the REAL action is out by the Socialism Baseball Stadium.

(hint: socialism exists when government owns the means of production).

The City Council needs C-o-m-m-i-t-t-e-e-s.
That is, committees composed of Citizens for advice and input.

The people of Springdale need to run Springdale, not the Chamber of Welfare. Anyone bothered to count up the MILLIONS of dollars taxpayers poured into the Chamber over the past ten years?

The Chamber is about crony capitalism, not Quality of Life measures. QoL is sorely lacking in all their considerations.

The City of Fayetteville has many active citizen committees serving the Mayor and City Council. Fayetteville wins awards for livability and likability

Citizen Committees.

Just a few ideas, imo.

Posted by: cdawg

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