Courts Prepare For E-Filing

Posted: February 4, 2013 at 1:48 a.m.

Circuit courts in Northwest Arkansas are probably a year or two away from changing to state mandated electronic filing of legal documents, according to state officials.

At A Glance

Game Plan

Implementing electronic filing is a partnership between the Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts and local judicial districts.

These services will be provided by the administrative office to the circuit courts at no cost:

• The Contexte case management system will be available through servers in Little Rock

• Annual maintenance, backup, and recovery services for the system

• Professional services, including project management, business analysis, training, configuration, go-live support, and ongoing remote support

• A conversion of legacy data

• Travel for administrative employees for agreed services

• Access, training, and configuration for electronic filing and electronic citation when they are available.

The courts are responsible for:

• Acquiring and maintaining all hardware that meets the minimum technology requirements, including networking hardware, personal computers, printers and scanners.

• Providing high-speed Internet access to use the system

• The travel expense of sending staff to Little Rock for training

• Providing a suitable training facility if a staff member is unable to travel to Little Rock for training

• Supplemental data conversions.

• Converting image links through Contexte to an approved document management system.

Source: Arkansas Administrative Office Of The Courts

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