Arkansas black caucus discusses voter ID proposals

Posted: February 4, 2013 at 1 p.m.

— Members of the Arkansas Legislative Black Caucus say they're concerned that proposals requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls may disenfranchise some minority voters.

At their meeting on Monday, lawmakers in the caucus asked pointed questions of Republican Sen. Bryan King, who is pushing for tighter rules for voter identification at the polls. King says his bill and proposed constitutional amendment are needed to combat voter fraud and ensure the integrity of the voting system.

Arkansas ACLU Executive Director Rita Sklar countered that there is no evidence of problems with voter impersonation in Arkansas and said the voter ID law would make the state vulnerable to legal challenges.

The leader of the black caucus said the group had not yet taken an official position on the proposed measures.

This is ridiculous!! Disenfranchise some minority voters? Do they have to show a photo driver license when stopped by law enforcement or do they expect the officer to just take their word for proof of who they are and where they live?

Come on people, is it so wrong to expect a voter to be a citizen and live in the precinct where they wish to vote? Are the liberals so worried about losing their "minority" backers that they continue to promote fraudulent processes?

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