Police expect suit in Chavis Carter death

Posted: September 4, 2012 at 4:55 p.m.

— Attorneys for the family of a young man who was fatally shot while his hands were cuffed behind him in an Arkansas patrol car have asked police to preserve evidence about his death, and police say they are preparing for a likely lawsuit.

Second part of Chavis Carter dash-cam video

The Jonesboro Police Department released the second part of the dash-cam footage from the Chavis Carter case Friday evening. (By Courtesy of the Jonesboro Police Department)
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The Jonesboro Police Department has released dash-cam footage of a traffic stop and arrest of Chavis Carter. Police say Carter later shot himself while in custody.


Police dash-cam video in Carter case

The Jonesboro Police Department on Thursday released video and audio of some of its interviews with witnesses in the death of Chavis Carter.


Police interviews in Chavis Carter case

Lawyers for 21-year-old Chavis Carter’s family haven’t spelled out what kind of legal action they anticipate filing in the coming months, but they said negligence likely will play a role.

Police in Jonesboro, Ark., said an officer searched Carter twice but didn’t find a gun before the shooting death, which medical examiners deemed a suicide. That officer was reprimanded but has since returned to work.

Police said their investigation into Carter’s death continues “in preparation for civil action.”