PERSONAL SPACE: Jackie Schnedler

Posted: October 27, 2012 at 6 a.m.

Jackie Schnedler

Jackie Schnedler

Where I live: I live in Centerton in a small subdivision. I lived in Missouri, and were relocating. We were driving down here to church, and the subdivision is right behind it. So it’s close to what we do.

Occupation: Executive director of Havenwood, a transitional housing program for single parents. We work with them from homelessness — maybe they’re coming from a shelter, a domestic violence situation or substance abuse treatment — and help them get back on their feet. I have been here as director since October of last year, but I was a resident of this program in 1996.

My favorite space: The corner of my couch.

Why? That is my grounding spot, the place to relax and just be. It is the center of our home, where most things are happening. There are things around me that are comforting to me in view from that spot — a side table my son made at school, pictures of my family, a grandfather clock that was in my husband’s grandparents’ home, angels that my mother gave me and a mirror that reflects the crosses above me — that each hold a special meaning.

If I could do one thing to improve this space I would: Be there more often.