Extension Service Reports To Quorum Court

Posted: November 16, 2012 at 4:26 a.m.

Washington County high school students Austin Hamm of Elkins and Lauren Cheevers of Greenland stood just a few feet away from the Quorum Courtroom entrance bearing big smiles as they shook the hands of justices of the peace, county employees and other members of the public before the county’s monthly meeting.

By The Numbers

2012 Real estate/personal property millage

w Washington County general 3.9 mills

County road 1.1 mills

County library* 1 mill

w Cities

Fayetteville 3.1 mills

Springdale 8.2 mills

Elkins 5 mills

Greenland 2.9 mills

West Fork 5 mills

Winslow 3 mills

Farmington 5 mills

Tontitown 2 mills

Elm Springs 5 mills

Johnson 5 mills

Prairie Grove 6.5 mills

Lincoln 6.5 mills

Goshen No mills

w School districts

Fayetteville 46.65 mills

Farmington 42.6 mills

Elkins 44.2 mills

Prairie Grove 36.9 mills

Lincoln 42.7 mills

Springdale 40.5 mills

Greenland 39.5 mills

West Fork 38.6 mills

  • To be collected throughout the county except for property within the Fayetteville city limits.

One mill is a library millage and is to be collected only inside the Fayetteville city limits; 2.1 mills are for all other legal purposes.

Source: Washington County

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