Respect Law Enforcement Officers

Posted: November 14, 2012 at 1:39 a.m.

Recently I was talking to one of our local law enforcement officers about my new psychological website and he jokingly said, “How about an article on how I can deal with mentally ill people?” I started thinking about the training oft cers must take, and what some people expect. Let’s remember they are law enforcement oft cers, simply meaning, their job is to enforce the law that exists, not make laws, not be a psychologist, a priest, a rabbi or minister. So I did some research on what is expected of them.

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"he jokingly said, 'How about an article on how I can deal with mentally ill people?'”
Yes I would like to know what training local police get in this. I read that about 7% of their calls deal with mentally ill people.
I know this can be dangerous for the first responder, but it can also be dangerous for the mentally ill person.
A friend of mine recently had a psychotic episode that took him briefly to the hospital, and despite the fact he was not threatening anyone and did not hold a weapon or any other object, he was tased three times.
I've known two other people (one in another state) who were taken to the hospital by police and who complained that the handcuffs were put on them so tightly that they lost sensation in their hands for weeks afterward. Neither of them was violent or threatening.

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I'll serve and protect myself, thank you anyway for offering, bloated badge carrying egotistical spawns of dogs and parasites. That how I feel, clear?

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