Third-Grader's Choice of Instrument Unusual

Posted: November 13, 2012 at 3:04 a.m.

AnnieBeth Mabry, a third-grader at Turnbow Elementary School, holds on Thursday the accordion she is learning to play. She was inspired to pick up the instrument after hearing a guest musician play at her school. AnnieBeth recently played for the Springdale School Board.

AnnieBeth Mabry never had much interest in playing an instrument — that is until a man showed up at her school with an accordion.

Fast Facts

About Accordions

-The Chinese sheng, a free reed instrument introduced to Europe in 1777, is generally credited with being the first thing that led to the development of the accordion.

-Weights and sizes differ based on the preferences, needs and sizes of the player and the type of music they want to play.

-Italy was the first large-scale production center of accordions. Today most are manufactured in Europe and China. China has the most accordionists.

-Any style of music can be played on the accordion, if the player is good enough.


Web Watch

Talent Show Video

AnnieBeth Mabry’s accordion talent can be viewed online. Search for “Annie’s Talent Show 5-31-11” at

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