When Remote-Controlled Drones Fly Over Us


Posted: May 6, 2012 at 5:14 a.m.

I normally reserve this space for state, regional and local issues. There’s more than enough pundit spew on bigger stuff. This week, though, the thing bothering me most isn’t local at all.

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"Drone killings bother me because the ability to kill just about anybody just about anywhere is real power. It’s the kind of power B-52s never gave anybody."

The last sentence is completely and utterly false .Perhaps the author should learn a little more about the weapons system before making such statements.

The Air Force is designed to protect America by neutralizing her enemies. Remotely piloted aircraft make it safer for Americans to engage the enemy in many instances.

"The unique flexibility and versatility of air and space power should be fully used and not compromised. The ability to concentrate force anywhere and attack any facet of the enemy’s power is the outstanding strength of air and space power."



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You are out of your league here, bud. A B-52 is able to loiter way up high (stealth not needed) and carries presicion guided munitions (PGMs) and near-PGMs. It is also much more capable than an RPA in many instances. It is also being used for the same mission as RPAs today in many instances.


Joint Terminal Attack Controller

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When it comes to killing we're no. 1.


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A reader had posted an entire AP story here. I removed it, because although we're members of the Associated Press, I doubt the reader was. Here instead is a link to the story: http://www.nwaonline.com/news/2012/ma...

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Two big problems not mentioned here:
Local police authorities want drones. If they sometimes abuse pepper spray or taser spray, just think what they could do with drones!
I read from time to time about some SWAT team that takes out the family NEXT DOOR to the people they meant to target. It happens.
The other problem is that every other country wants some of them things too. It's the hot new weapon.
Just as our CIA guys in Florida can take out somebody in Pakistan, so could U.S. enemies target U.S. leaders from wherever.
Oh Brave New World!

Posted by: Coralie

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Tank, with all due respect, I feel you are out of touch with the direction our own government is taking this. For your service and dedication to protecting us, I thank you. But drones are now being used here. Several states, including Texas and Florida, have jumped out the gate with drone use since it was approved. Local police forces are being trained on how to tag a terrorist (FBI classes), which includes training on how (for one example) to call a plumber a terrorist because he carries pipes and chemicals that can be used to build a bomb, even though they are part of the trade. There will be a day when all service people will be called upon to control our own people. That will be the day that a lot of good men/women will have to choose between family and government. What does freedom mean to you?

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"What does freedom mean to you?"

Quite a bit. Including using the full gamut of our resources to bring all available forces to bear against America's enemies. RPAs are a capable contributor to this both beyond our borders and domestically.

Any weapons system or tool is bad when used the wrong way and/or in an illegal manner. RPAs should not be singled out or put on a pedestal as something superior than other systems in use.

Many outlets have created a sci-fi like aura around RPAs. If people want to be paranoid about Big Brother, there are many more capable segways of intrusion to worry about. I bear faith in how RPAs are being used at this time.


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As long as they have one dedicated to Philip, I've got no problem with it... he's just the guy that needs that kinda watching.

Posted by: CaptainQuint

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We're watching... we're all watching.

Posted by: CaptainQuint

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Just me and the drones, Phil, just me and the drones.

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They're watching. Always remember that much.

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Geez Phil, is there anything you don't have a "the sky is falling" opinion on?

I don't agree with drones either, but man, you are out there.

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You'll have a longggggggggggggggggggggg walk. I know you want to appear like you know everyone and everything and heeby jeeby, but you don't. You would know I don't have an office, I don't like stories and anything you say is the farthest from the truth, so how could you tell me an "absolutely true" story?

But, you go ahead and head on over here. I'll hook you up to my flying machine and we'll head off into the wild blue yonder.

Posted by: KnightWatchman

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Back in the '70s I lived in the woods and for awhile there were frequently helicopters flying overhead to see if I was growing marijuana. I wasn't and it should have been obvious, because I was surrounded by trees. I assume marijuana like other plants needs some sunlight.
It irritated me to think that the government was wasting all that money to do something so pointless.
I can think of all kinds of ways that local governments could both waste money and invade people's privacy with their enthusiasm for drones.
Boys love toys.

Posted by: Coralie

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From the air marijuana stands out. It's a blue color compared to the trees around it. Very, very easy to spot.

Posted by: 81turbotransam

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My attorney, at behest to two different chicken farmers, contacted law enforcement in this area to discover why they were hovering over chicken houses in mid and late summer. The farmers' complained because one had laying hens and the loud noise disrupted chicken's egg laying. The other said it caused his birds to become frightened and lose weight. Both farmers invited the cops to visit their farms and search on foot for illegal plants but they wouldn't.
Wonder what police dept's are going to do when citizens start flying small choppers with video cams over their operations? Pretty cheap and easy to buy your own spy chopper.
About that easily recognized color of mj: talk around the courthouse was that some perps know that and have allegedly taken steps.
Will drones be spraying mj with poisons in the near future? Shouldn't be difficult to do.
There's now a very short lag between the deployment of military tactics and those same tactics being embraced by local police.

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