Presidential Campaign Rich In Irony


Posted: July 22, 2012 at 2:29 a.m.

Political campaigns are often marked by irony and paradox.

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Opinion, Pages 13 on 07/22/2012

Obama wants more of Romney's tax returns which happen to be personal documents yet he refuses to provide Justice Department Documents that are public property that have been demanded by Congress. Do I sense a double standard here? Do I smell a rat? Absolutely! Several of them!

Posted by: jeffieboy

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RE "Obama wants more of Romney's tax returns"
So do a lot of Republicans. How did you manage to miss that?

RE "Do I sense a double standard here?"
Not at all. While it has become customary-- and expected-- for candidates to release tax returns, it is not customary for the executive branch to release records pertaining to national security when no need for their release has been demonstrated. Remember: Romney's dear old dad released over twenty years of tax returns. Also remember that Romney is running on his record as a businessman, yet refuses to reveal this significant part of that record, in the form of his tax returns.

RE "Do I smell a rat? Absolutely!"
It's probably your upper lip.

RE "Several of them!"
Maybe you've had a stroke. Smelling nonexistent odors is one possible symptom of a stroke.

Posted by: AlphaCat

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Be nice.

Posted by: rummy

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When a liberal thinker loses an argument or has a point proven invalid or simply wrong they always respond the same way. To distract people from the original argument they immediately change the subject or attempt to redirect the argument while adapting their reasoning process and directing it towards other events or subjects.

When that fails they turn to personal attacks. It is how they avoid responsibility for their lack of ability to exercise responsible, practical, and rational thought and judgement. It is not unexpected, and to an honest broker with a modest level of intelligence it does nothing to validate the silly notions they had in the first place.

In the instance cited, Congress has the legal authority to subpoena as a writ to compel testimony by witness Holder and others within the Justice Department to produce evidence, under a penalty if necessary. When he refused, Congress rightfully held him in contempt. That is exactly as it should be.

Mr. Obama's intervention citing National Security and executive priviledge is easily seen as an open admission that those documents are harmful. They are not particularly harmful to national security but certainly would be to him and his administration.

After all, Congress didn't ask for nuclear launch codes and Congress is routinely privy to much more sensitive secrets than internal Justice Department documents involving a failed sting that unfortunately resulted in the murder of an American border patrol agent on US soil.

So much for promises of the most open and above board administration in history. The mere thought of it is distasteful and utterly disgusting.

Posted by: jeffieboy

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RE "So much for promises of the most open and above board administration in history."
Didn't the Vice-President spend much of the G.W. Bush administration in an "undisclosed location"?

Back to your original fallacious premise regarding that nonexistent "double standard":

Posted by: AlphaCat

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