Alliance Nears Goal


Posted: July 19, 2012 at 5:16 a.m.

Luis Martinez, left, managing director of Genesis-CMG, talks Wednesday with Larry Collins about repairs he wants made to the old Famous Hardware building at 113 W. Emma Ave. in Springdale. Martinez plans on rehabbing the building and finding tenants for the space. Downtown Springdale Alliance is trying to raise money for a plan to redevelop downtown Springdale. The plan will be used in applying for a development grant.

The Downtown Springdale Alliance is one vote away from corralling $100,000 to pay for a redevelopment plan.

At A Glance

Springdale Downtown District

The city’s downtown district, defined in a land use plan, is bound by Pleasant Street on the west, Huntsville Avenue on the north, Old Missouri Road on the east and Watson, Quandt and Caudle avenues on the south.

The district includes Murphy Park, city library, Springdale High School, Northwest Medical Center-Springdale, City Hall, The Jones Center, Luther George Grove Street Park, Springdale Senior Center, Shiloh Museum, Arts Center of the Ozarks, Arkansas and Missouri Railroad depot and Lee Elementary School. It doesn’t include the city’s airport.

Source: City Of Springdale

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Downtown Springdale will never be downtown Fayetteville or Bentonville or Rogers. Instead of trying to make it something it’s not, why not focus development efforts on the parts of Springdale people already visit? The Har-Ber / Arvest Park area could be the new social center of Springdale with some investment. The Jones center and the aquatic center are great for families, but little is done to showcase them. New sidewalks on Emma St are just lip stick on a pig.

Posted by: TheHunter

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Every downtown has its own unique identity. Downtown Springdale has many pieces of the puzzle that needs to be put together. In addition to the Jones Center, which features the only indoor ice skating rink in this region, an indoor pool, and many other amenities, there is the A & M RR Passenger Train that draws many tourists, the Shiloh Musem, the Art Center of the Ozarks, that is doing a $1M renovation, the monthly Coffee and Cars event and the Shioh Square looks a heckuva lot better than a year ago - it's come a Long way and still has more to go. Sidewalks need to be safer. Someone tripped over a piece of sidewalk in Eureka Springs and broke thier neck years ago, so any Lipstick is helpful!

Posted by: Commentor

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I have an idea of where the City can raise money.
Every five years the City of Springdale taxpayers pay the Chamber of Welfare over a million dollars, $1,000,000.
For that handsome sum the Chamber remained silent when Sam's Wholesale Club applied for a liquor license and was rebuffed by the local monopoly liquor store owner. The Monopoly Owner is a member of the Chamber's Good-Old-Boys-Club. Thus, the Chamber while protecting one of their own contributed to Springdale's loss of Sam;'s Wholesale Club. It cost the city of Springdale one million dollars per year in lost sales tax revenue. That's $1,000, 000.

It does nothing for the City. It provides no benefits to our diverse citizenry. It seeks no improvements for our residents, It improves no neighborhoods.
Take the $Million Plus dollars every 5 years and fiance a project on Emma. You will get more jobs, more municipal improvement than the Chamber of Welfare has ever provided.
Oh, the socialism baseball stadium brought to us by the Chamber of Welfare and their Good Old Boys:
it will not even break even. The private company leasing the field is not paying enough to cover expected maintenance on the place. It's a loser, just like the Chamber.

Posted by: cdawg

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Downtown Springdale has loads of potential and needs to be supported by all of the citizens of the city. You can hang out on the west side of 540 if you want to and let the City deteriorate, or you can invest in the heritage of Springdale as an economic development tool.
The Jones Center, The Arts Center, and Shiloh Museum are all foundational pieces that would all be enhanced for the community with a revitalized downtown. The attitude that one is too good to go to the downtown area is sad, but it is true.
Springdale Citizens need to embrace the diverse cultures of the City as an asset, bring them all together and develop the most diverse and culturally significant downtown in NWA.
It won't be Dickson St, or the Bentonville Square, or Main Street Rogers. It will be Downtown Springdale - a desired destination in NWA. Get with it !

Posted by: g60

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When you improve a part, you improve the whole. Reviving downtown Springdale will be good for that city and everyone else in in NWA.

Word of caution: when you develop a good plan, stick with it, even when it is a little inconvenient, otherwise you don't have a plan. Random reactions to various situations rarely take you where you want to go.

Posted by: dcoody06150747

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Downtown Springdale will never be a desired destination as long as it is filled with the current factories, thrift shops, and empty store fronts. It's great to have those manufacturing jobs and small businesses in the town. However the atmosphere they create does not make the area a place you want to visit. When was the last time you visited The Arts Center, Shiloh Museum, or A & M RR? Following the same formula used by other local cities will not work here because the situation is different. A social center has different features: unique shops and restaurants, art and music, open spaces, access by several modes of transportation, and parking. Instead of changing Emma St into something it's not, why not find an area of town that can more easily be developed. Take advantage of the town's diversity in this development and focus on the present not the past. Anyone can copy someone else's idea. Sometimes you have to thing outside the box (or in this case square).

Posted by: TheHunter

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